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The chemical peel is an effective way to eliminate wrinkles and restore your skin’s luster. It works by removing a layer of dead cells that accumulate on top of the newer, healthier ones below it-leaving you with a smoother-looking complexion! Peeling also stimulates elastin and collagen production, two essential ingredients for maintaining healthy-looking tissue under our nails or anywhere else! 

PCA Chemical Peel

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Le petit spa Chemical Peel


PCA SKINĀ® believes in giving you what your skin deserves. Their chemical peels are expertly formulated and will help create the best version of yourself with improved skincare goals! PCA SKINĀ® is the leader in chemical peels with more than 25 years of developing industry-leading professional treatments. More than one million PCSKIN peel sessions are performed each year globally!

Client testimonial

“After being unsatisfied with how my face is aging, I heard about chemical peels. After just one Peel, my skin is clearer, healthier, and glowing.”

Tammy t

Chemical Peel Client

“I enjoyed my chemical peel experience. It will help you to improve your skin. I have obtained the best results ever. I am 60 years old and loving it!”

Alexis m

Chemical Peel Client

“I do see a nice improvement! I think there is a good improvement in the wrinkles around my mouth and the acne scars on my skin look amazing!” 

Brianna l

Chemical Peel Client

Le petit spa Chemical Peel


The effects of a chemical peel on the face are nothing short of amazing! You must know what to expect, and to achieve optimal results, it might be wise for some people who want more than one treatment plan with us at once. The aesthetician will cleanse your face and then apply the first treatment layer. You may feel a little tingly as this sit, but don’t worry – it’s normal! It’ll be worth every second once she applies another coat for good measure to ensure that everything gets the right amount of time on the skin.

We always recommend the Post-Procedure Solution Kit by PCA Skin helps expedite the healing process and provides relief from dryness, peeling, or irritation. The at-home kit includes a rich cream to soothe your skin’s minor discomfort while it repairs itself! Overall at the end of the process, the skin will result in a younger and more vibrant glow that we want to get. We recommend staying away from the sun before and after a chemical peel, which could alter the process. Additional winter is what we like to call the chemical peel season, as we tend to stay inside and not lie on the beach getting a tan.

Le petit spa Chemical Peel


Chemical peels are used to improve the appearance of acne scars. Unlike other treatments, they involve applying a chemical solution that removes surface skin cells and replaces them with newer, healthier ones; this process usually leaves your face smoother than before you had any issues! The Chemical peel stimulated new skin growth, repacing the scarred skin and reducing its visibility of them! The fantastic results seen before and after photos are accomplished by performing chemical peel treatment in continuous sessions for maximum effect. After each treatment and healing has been completed, you will notice the scars becoming harder and harder to see and wrinkles in the treatment area as a bonus.

Le petit spa Chemical Peel

Le Petit Spa offers Chemical peels near you!

We are the best spa for Chemical peels in Tampa bay, Palm Harbour, Tarpon Springs, Dunedin, and Clearwater. Our clients come from all over for our expertise! We use only top-of-the-line products and treatments from PCA. Our team has been trained to address all skin conditions with this powerful technique that allows us to remove years’ worth of damage in just one session – it’s like getting your youthful self back again, but without any painful surgery or downtime necessary.

Chemical peel

Peel away the years of damage

We are the #1 Tampa Bay Chemical Peel Spa

Chemical Peels are a great way to get back in touch with your younger self and remove years of damage from the skin. We like to think about it as little time matching for ourselves to get back to better skin.

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