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Custom Facial

We at Le Petit Spa have a team of skincare experts ready to apply the correct product for your unique skin concerns. We analyze your skin type and needs, which we do during a Custom Facial treatment or our free consultation. We consider factors such as age, environment, and other elements to create a personalized treatment for you! We believe in a personalized facial for every client if their skin needs.

custom facials

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custom facials

What are custom facials?

Facials are a great way to pamper yourself and get the skincare you deserve. Our customized facials will address your needs, no matter what they may be! Whether it’s exfoliation treatment for rough patches on soft, delicate areas such as around the nose or chin, acne breakouts, sensitive locations under the eyes, or moisturizing deep cleanse pores – we’ve got something perfectly tailored, especially for you!

There isn’t anything more satisfying than feeling confident with your skin! In a world of skincare products, it’s hard to know which ones will work for you. But at Le Petit Spa, we have specially trained specialists who are there for all your needs and wants! They can teach our clients about skincare treatments to get the most out of their investment.

Client testimonials

“My skin is special. Sometimes they heard me, and this was the best option for me to get the results I wanted.”

Eva a.

Custom Facial Client

“Custom facials are the best because you let them put all their experience into you & enjoy the results.”

Grace t.

Custom Facial Client

“Love the spa & how honest they are. The professionalism is amazing & I received a custom facial!”

Mary m.

Custom Facial Client

custom facials

Custom results

If you are looking for any spa treatment, you need to come to Le Petit Spa. Staff is all trained to help you relax and destress through customized treatments. When customizing a facial, we can target specific skin needs as not all issues are the same. There isn’t anything more satisfying than feeling confident with the results of our facials at Le Petit Spa and receiving compliments on how amazing your skin looks!

custom facials

We offer the #1 facials in the Tampa Bay area!

The Facial treatments at Le Petit Spa are an essential part of maintaining good skin health, and for this reason, we are one of the Top Facial Spas in the Tampa Bay Area. These procedures can improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, sun damage, and other signs of aging. Our experienced team is ready to help clients in Tampa Bay as we are the #1 skin specialist. Call today and let us book your custom facial today so we can customize a personalized plan for you!

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