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TLi LED Light Therapy

TLI, Topical Light Infusion Treatments, is a clever new way to reverse the signs of aging and damage using LED light therapy.



Le Petit Spa Tli light therapy

Why Get a Topical Light Infusion

Topical Light Infusion (TLi) offers a safe, effective way to address cosmetic concerns with topicals proven to produce results. TLi is the only light-based facial infusion technology available on the market. Unlike traditional LED therapy or other energy-based treatments, today-TLI’s active facial system combines colors from light into your skin with topicals to directly treat the skin being treated! This new form goes one step further by delivering specific doses to Prove key skincare ingredients right where they need them most: deep within our pores where wrinkles.

Client Testimonials

“I started off with the regular LED Therapy and loved it and wanted to try something new, and this was everything I expected! LOVE, LOVE IT!”

ava k

TLi LED Light Therapy Client

“Exciting treatment when I had it done. I enjoyed it very much! The LED lights are very relaxing, and I see results from this and would recommend it to anyone.”

Trinity r

TLi LED Light Therapy Client

“I heard wonders about LED Therapy, but this treatment takes it to a whole other level by using serums and the power of the LED light for results.”

Emma g

TLi LED Light Therapy Client

Le Petit Spa Tli light therapy

What to expect?

Does the idea of a quick, painless treatment that lasts sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not! TLi treatments are safe and straightforward. You can expect a TLi treatment to take up to 30 minutes with 20 added on for pre-and post-care – so there’s plenty of time left over in your day.

Le Petit Spa Tli light therapy

After the treatment

Every single client will respond fervently to the service. We’re here to help you find the right one for your needs with so many different protocols and treatments. All will be positive, yet some people’s skin will notice changes much quicker than others. Our trained staff will provide post-care advice with each service as each customer’s skin is unique.

TLi LED Light Therapy

Technology meets skin

We are the #1 Tampa Bay TLi LED Light Therapy experts

There is no better feeling than having better skin. We use nothing but the best products and companies in your spa. The TLi treatment is no exception with this amazing breakthrough in the skincare industry we are proud to be offering this to your customers.

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